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Christian education has been a life changing experience for our entire family.  Our children who are students at Community Christian School have had help in forming their faith journey by their teachers, their peers and the Christian view of the curriculum.  They are able to see God in this broken world and are encouraged to use their gifts so God can use them as his faithful servants.  We as parents have also grown in our faith in Christ, by His taking care of our needs.  Christian education comes at a cost, however it is an investment in our children that we feel God has blessed our family with.  We are extremely grateful for this opportunity!

Rachel Roth December 14, 2018

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We are so thankful to be a part of the Community Christian School and Community! It is such an good feeling to know that our two children get to go to school everyday and be imersed in such a positive and welcoming Christian environment. All while learning Christian values and biblical principles in all aspects of their learning and have amazing and caring teachers, staff and volunteers who recognize the unique gifts of each child and help build them up for the kingdom of God! From the first moment we came to the school for our first open house (many years ago!)- we knew this community felt like home. 

Ben & Tryphena deBoer December 14, 2018

I’m thankful that Community Christian School exists to provide an educational environment that affirms the reality of the God who created us and the world in which we live. Because Truth is important. And we can only come to a full understanding of the world and everything in it if we recognize the Creator and His purpose for every aspect of life, great and small.

Robin Abel December 14, 2018

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We are thankful for a school community where my children have felt safe, included, and important. There has been value in each year at Community Christian School, from kindergarten to grade 8; each year our children have learned valuable academic, faith and social lessons in a caring environment.

Jolene and Al Hiddema December 14, 2018

We are thankful that our children attend a school where the teachers and administration adopt new and exciting methods of teaching (outdoor learning, responsive classrooms). Strive for excellence in student performance, and most of all, encourage my kids to deepen their Christian faith in every school activity.

Mike & Tracy DeWeerd December 14, 2018

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We are THANKFUL to have access to Christian education at Community Christian School. We are THANKFUL for the teachers who pour into the lives of our children weekly and serve as role models. We are THANKFUL for every opportunity our children get to HEAR THE GOSPEL message, so that they would in turn KNOW & LIVE THE GOSPEL. We are THANKFUL that our children are surrounded by so many people who LOVE THE LORD.

Kelly Robertson & Patrick Lauzon December 14, 2018

We are thankful for dedicated teachers who are, dynamic, creative, and honour God in all their teachings. We are blessed by watching our children develop their faith and confidence in Christ. We are thankful for small class sizes that enable teachers to get to know the learning needs of each student. We are blessed to be apart of the Community Christian School community.

Adam & Cynthia Deen December 14, 2018

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