Graduate Profile 2

Graduate Profile

Recognizing physical, spiritual, and academic growth as a life long journey, Community Christian School strives to foster in our graduates:

  1.   a personal relationship with the Lord evident in relationships with others,
  2.   the knowledge that this world belongs to God and that all of creation is to honour Him,
  3.   an understanding of the responsibility to be good stewards in all areas of God’s creation,
  4.   a recognition of their unique talents and the responsibility to use them to honour Him,
  5.   an appreciation of the uniqueness of others regardless of race, colour, or ethnicity,
  6.   an effort to love and serve others, following Jesus’ example,
  7.   the ability to discern right from wrong and the commitment to act on this discernment,
  8.   an academic level necessary to pursue secondary education,
  9.   the ability to problem solve, work cooperatively with others, and communicate effectively,
  10. a commitment to follow the norms for good health, physical fitness, and safety.

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