A well-known Christian hymn says: “This is my Father’s world”.   The real world is where Christ is acknowledged as Lord of life.   The real world is one in which students are educated to understand the world from a Christian perspective and be prepared to live their faith in the fullness of their lives.  Place your child in a school where he or she is guided in a critical understanding of the real world and their place in it. One of our goals is that our students will live in  the real world and have the tools to bring peace and reconciliation to that world.

A significant role of the school is to prepare students for all of life.  While students that are Christian often hold onto their faith in public schools, they are not provided with the understanding and the tools to deepen their faith and grow in understanding.  The public school environment reinforces what the public wants – keep your faith private and to yourself.  Life is complex and living the Christian life requires an ever maturing level of discernment.  Students are at a time of life when they need to solidify and grow in their faith.  Community Christian School’s mission is to nurture and grow a student’s faith, so they are prepared to live that faith out in the world now and in the future.

Just as our values and curriculum are thoroughly Biblical, we believe that being faithful and Biblical means that we are called to excellence in education. All of Community Christian School’s teachers are certified and meet professional standards.  Our students participate, three times per year, in a national test (NWEA MAP Growth Test) that gives an accurate view of how much each student has grown over time and what students are ready to learn—so we can plan instruction and group students based on their specific needs.  Our staff is committed to ongoing professional development, increasing their capacity to promote student learning.

Yes, Christian education is expensive.  It is important to not see Christian education as an expense, but an investment.  You are investing in your most precious asset, your child.  You are investing in the transformation of his/her life.  A life shaped and transformed by Christian learning and Christian character development.  A life being equipped to serve God.

Also, there are several programs in place to assist those families that desire Christian education and do not have a family income that can support their desire.  The lack of household income should not be a barrier to Christian education.  Currently, there are three sources of financial assistance: the Tuition Assistance Fund, Partnership Bursary Fund and a Recruitment Bursary for those new to Christian education.  A simple application through FAST begins the financial assistance process.

Yes, both our junior kindergarten and senior kindergarten programs are five day programs; however, we also offer 3 or 4 day options.

The best way to explain tuition is in person.  Click here to set up an appointment to discuss tuition or click here and someone will reply back to you in 1 or 2 business days.

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